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Media Services

Identifier: UA-367
Scope and Contents This collection consists of photograph slides of various places around campus, circa the 1990s.

Memorabilia of Mercyhurst Graduating Classes

Identifier: UA-341
Scope and Contents This Mercyhurst collection contains various memorabilia from graduating classes of Mercyhurst College since 1937. There is a large number of programs and announcements from theater presentations and commencement exercises. Included in this collection are photos of the Annual Garden party held for the seniors. There are a few publications in this collection including, The Merciad, Bulletin of Mercyhurst College, and the Alumnae News. There are four tagboards with news articles and momentos from...

Mercyhurst 1960's Memorabilia

Identifier: UA-153
Scope and Contents This collection, though small, offers an interesting look at Mercyhurst College in the late 1960’s. It includes many programs for various plays, musical evenings, and a Formal Convocation. Also included is a Mercyhurst College Handbook for 1966-1967 which gives all the rules the women had to follow. The Handbook has dress codes, study rules, meal regulations, in fact it regulates everything in student life, from homework to evenings out. A Mercyhurst College Catalogue for 1966-1968 is also...

Mercyhurst Alumni Association

 Record Group
Identifier: UA-328
Scope and Contents This collection gives information regarding alumnae activity from 1937 to present through publications such as Alumni, Alumnae, Alumni News, Alumnae News, a Mercyhurst Newsletter from 1959, alumni event cards, and flyers regarding fundraising, etc.

Mercyhurst Ambassadors

Identifier: UA-441
Scope and Contents This collection contains photographs, event information and invitations, and general information about the Ambassadors.

Mercyhurst College 50th Anniversary

Identifier: UA-215
Scope and Contents The year-long celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Mercyhurst College in 1976 was highlighted by an alumni week in July and the anniversary of the signing of the College Charter in October, 1926. This collection contains over 60 photographs and other items depicting various activities during these two events.In the week of July 23 to August 1, alumni and families could live at the college and attend classes designed for them. Photographs feature events held in the evenings:...

Mercyhurst College 75th Anniversary

Identifier: UA-405
Scope and Contents This collection contains information on the planning of special projects, performances and lectures, invitations to various events, and materials regarding the "Preserving the Legacy Campaign," 2000-2002.

Mercyhurst College Cancer Research

Identifier: UA-300
Scope and Contents Sister Eymard Poydock, R.S.M. of the Mercyhurst College Cancer Research program, has compiled two scrapbooks containing newspaper articles about the program from the Merciad, the Erie Daily Times, and various other papers. There are also publications by Sr. Eymard and the research program, and others by the Sisters of Mercy. There are photographs of Biology students and alumnae who have worked in the research laboratory. There are also many awards which had been received by Sr. Eymard. There...

Mercyhurst College Education Department

Identifier: UA-301
Scope and Contents This collection contains newsclippings and correspondence of the Education Department at Mercyhurst College, several issues of Mercyhurst Alumnae News, commencement programs, and many programs of college activities. There is a photo album depicting the activities of the practice teachers and their elementary school students as well as class pictures of the 1963 and 1964 graduating classes.

Mercyhurst College History I

Identifier: UA-31
Scope and Contents The collection is representative of the early history of the College with College Catalogues, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, May Day and other films, photographs, manuscripts on events, and speeches, and continues into 1968 with minutes of the Board of Trustees. (Board of Trustees Minutes on microfilm is restricted) The photographs and manuscripts to the religious perspective at Mercyhurst College, and the history of the Catholic Diocese of Erie, along with many miscellaneous pamphlets,...

Mercyhurst College History II

Identifier: UA-217
Scope and Contents This collection provides comprehensive documentation of the history of Mercyhurst College, principally from the Registrar Office Records of 1927 to 1974. The events of the 1970's are recorded in the minutes of administrative, faculty, student government, club and committee meetings, as well as in catalogues, faculty handbooks, directories and other publications. There is also a set of Mercyhurst Alumni News from 1937 to 1958. The blueprints of the original buildings "Old Main" and Egan Hall are...

Mercyhurst College in Slides

Identifier: UA-166
Scope and Contents This collection contains slides depicting Mercyhurst College from the years 1959-1964.

Mercyhurst College in the 1980's

Identifier: UA-337
Scope and Contents This collection contains various materials relating to Mercyhurst College throughout the 1980's. There are many newspaper articles and memos that help explain different topics such as sports, the arts, and school activities. This collection also contains information on faculty, administration and other staff members who have either retired or are presently working for the school. "Mercyhurst College in the 80's" is basically an overview of all the activities and functions that occurred in the...

Mercyhurst College in the News

Identifier: UA-165
Scope and Contents This collection of three newspaper clippings of Mercyhurst College activities, including: a Freshman-faculty reception, the Third Annual Alumnae Fund Drive, and a combined Mercyhurst—Gannon College course n radio-chemistry taught by Sister Mary Charles.

Mercyhurst College Scrapbooks

Identifier: UA-115
Scope and Contents This collection contains two scrapbooks of the Mercyhurst College Alumnae Association which features news photos and news articles that appeared in the Erie papers concerning alumnae events. It also includes invitations for these past events and mimeographed copies of correspondence sent to all alumnae members between the years 1951 and 1959.

Mercyhurst College Theme Song

Identifier: UA-205
Scope and Contents This collection contains one item, the Master disc for the theme song celebrating the 50th anniversary 1926/1976. The tone was produced by Robert Sadowsi and the New Younger Brothers. This collection is copywritten.

Mercyhurst Honors

Identifier: UA-415
Scope and Contents Mercyhurst Honors is a publication of the office of Institutional Advancemnet. Prior to 1991, Mercyhurst Honors was published in Mercyhurst Magazine.

Mercyhurst Literary Magazine

Identifier: UA-417
Scope and Contents The Mercyhurst Literary Magazine showcases the works of students and faculty. It has had various titles over the years - Judean Sand, Outlook, Paradigm, Lumen, et al. The magazine has also matured into a creative arts magazine, with the addition of media for visual works in 2004. Student produced, it has won awards for content and design.

Mercyhurst Magazine

Identifier: UA-345
Scope and Contents The Mercyhurst Magazine collection contains all issues from November, 1982 to the present. The collection is published twice yearly in fall and spring by the Office of External Affairs at Mercyhurst College. This publication provides a showcase for faculty talents and serves as a library of news about the college, its alumni, parents, and friends. A special feature of the magazine is an article entitled "Thanks Prof" which prints an alumn's letter honoring a particular teacher.

Mercyhurst McAuley Division, North East, Corry, and West College/University Catalogs

Identifier: UA-423
Scope and Contents This collection contains the course catalogs from Mercyhurst McAuley Division, North East, Corry and West. These catalogs contain information on academic programs, student life, academic affairs, admissions, as well as lists of faculty, board of trustees and administration.

Mercyhurst North East

Identifier: UA-408
Scope and Contents This collection contains information regarding both Mercyhurst North East and St. Mary's College, the predecessor of Mercyhurst North East. St. Mary's College had existed since 1881 before it was purchased by Mercyhurst College in 1995, when it was converted into the North East Branch of Mercyhurst College. A series of quarter century commemorative books from St. Mary's College and documentation regarding the founding, important ceremonies, enrollment policies, student/community newsletters,...

Mercyhurst Song Book

Identifier: UA-120
Scope and Contents The collection shows the steps that were taken to publish a Song Book for Mercyhurst College. The collection consists of letters asking for financial help for the book, also a paper on the story behind it. The original song sheets, first proof of the song sheets, and the final press copy of them are present in this collection. There is also the song book in the collection.

Mercyhurst Sports Records

Identifier: UA-439
Scope and Contents This collection is comprised of the various Mercyhurst University sports. It is arranged by sport and other general sports information.

Mercyhurst Strategic Documents

Identifier: UA-443
Scope and Contents This collection contains reports, strategic vision plans, and other miscellaneous documents regarding subjects such as the bylaws of the University, faculty surveys, calendar changes, budget proposals, etc.

Mercyhurst Today

Identifier: UA-416
Scope and Contents Mercyhust Today is a publication of External Affairs or the Office of Marketing and Public Relations. It includes information about alumni and current happenings of Mercyhurst University.

Mercyhurst University Newsletters

Identifier: UA-272
Scope and Contents This collection contains weekly publications which serve as the internal communication organ of Mercyhurst University. It contains such information as the college calendar, official announcements, profressional and social activities of the faculty and students. The name of this weekly publication has changed over the years from Mercyhurst Community to the Newsletter to the Exchange to Monday Morning and to the Morning Buzz.

Merrill Dever Photographs

Identifier: UA-383
Overview This collection contains photographs and slides of the Mercyhurst University campus.

Middle States Accreditation

Identifier: UA-442
Scope and Contents This collection contains documentation of the Middle States accreditation process and results in regards to Mercyhurst College/University. Documents include General Reports and Drafts, Self-Studies and Drafts, Master Plans, Follow up Reports, Vision Plans and Drafts, Team Visit Schedules and Rosters, and Evaluations.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People at Mercyhurst

Identifier: UA-275
Scope and Contents This collection contains one oversize folder with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's Charter for Mercyhurst College from April 1980.